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technology/ how-to-unblock-websites-blocked-by-school-wi-fi

How to Unblock Websites Blocked by School wi-fi

Accessing a website that's been blocked by your school's wifi, there are a few ways you can try to unblock it. First, you can try using a proxy server. Another way to unblock websites is to use a VPN or Virtual Private Network.

fashion/ 45-nail-design-ideas-2022

45 Nail Design Ideas 2022

From plenty of twists and ideas on the French manicure to DIY-able rainbow nails and velvet nails, there's something for every vibe, mood, and all different nail shapes here. Whether you plan on hitting up your local salon or go the DIY route.

marketing/ premier-league-kit-2022-23-overview---all-leaked-released-kits

Premier League Kit 2022-23 Overview - All Leaked & Released Kits

Let's take a look at all Premier League 22-23 kits that have been released and / or leaked so far, including Manchester City, Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and West Ham.

technology/ full-form-of-dantty-what-is-dantty

Full Form of DANTTY | What is DANTTY

Full form of DANTTY, What is DANTTY, What is Dynamic Association of Neutral Tactical Technology for You, Dantty stands for, meaning, what is, description, example, explanation, acronym for, abbreviation, definitions, full name

business/ 60-small-business-ideas-for-you-who-wants-to-run-your-own-business

60 Small Business Ideas for You Who Wants to Run Your Own Business

Make money on your own time and be your own boss. These unique small business ideas will inspire you to start your journey toward entrepreneurship.

marketing/ 6-useful-market-intelligence-studies-for-decision-makers

6 useful market intelligence studies for decision makers

Learn how to make better business decisions using these six popular market intelligence studies to give you valid, relevant industry data on your competitors.

marketing/ defining-a-new-product-development-process

Defining a new product development process

Learn how to measure the viability of new business ideas using a new product development process to get ideas to market

business/ how-to-avoid-business-planning-mistakes

How to avoid business planning mistakes

Making business planning mistakes or errors will instantly change the effect your business pitch is having, so avoiding simple errors is just as important as any other element to give yourself the best chances for success.

marketing/ effective-sampling-techniques-for-market-research

Effective sampling techniques for market research

If youre researching your market but you dont know how to obtain a representative sample of people to question, read our 6 effective sampling techniques

marketing/ how-to-become-a-successful-entrepreneur

How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

The Business & IP Centre outlines the necessary qualities and skills required to become a successful entrepreneur in charge of a thriving business.

marketing/ money-heist-season-5-volume-2-episode-titles-clues-revealed-

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 Episode Titles, Clues Revealed.

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 Updates:

entertainment/ money-heist-season-5-volume-2-episode-titles-clues-revealed-know-here

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 Episode Titles, Clues Revealed. Know Here

Money Heist Season 5 Volume 2 Updates

technology/ kobo-tool-box


KoBo Toolbox is a free open-source tool for mobile data collection, available to all.

marketing/ money-heist-season-5-release-date-trailer-cast-on-netflix

Money Heist Season 5: Release date, trailer & cast on Netflix

The long-awaited return of the popular Netflix show Money Heist is here, as the trailer for Season 5 - Part 5 - has been announced.

marketing/ 25-ways-to-increase-traffic-to-your-website

25 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

Ask a marketer or business owner what theyd like most in the world, and theyll probably tell you more customers. What often comes after customers on a business wish list? More traffic to their site. There are many ways you can increase traffic on your website, and in todays post, were going to look at 25 of them, including several ways to boost site traffic for FREE.

marketing/ tokyo-2020---world-record-holder-joshua-cheptegei-wins-5000m-for-olympic-title

Tokyo 2020 - World record holder Joshua Cheptegei wins 5000m for Olympic title

Cheptegei produced a 55-second final lap to win the race in 12:58.15 ahead of Canada's Mohammad Ahmed and American Paul Chelimo. The victory added to the 10,000m silver he won last week. Britain's Andy Butchart finished 11th. You want it? We have it. Stream every Olympic event live on discovery+.

technology/ tk-isz5-abs-sensors

TK-ISZ5 ABS Sensors

An anti-lock braking system (ABS) is a vehicle safety system that allows the wheels of a car to maintain tractive contact with the road surface while braking, preventing the wheels from locking up (ceasing rotation) and avoiding uncontrolled skidding.

shopping/ what-is-dropshipping

What Is Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method where a store doesn’t keep the products it sells in stock

shopping/ how-to-start-an-e-commerce-business-like-dantty-

How To Start An E commerce Business Like Dantty

Now is the best time ever to start your own ecommerce business! Learn how to get your ecom business off the ground today!

fashion/ latest-hairstyles-for-women


No matter if your curls fall in loose ringlets (a 3A curl pattern) or super tight coils (a 4C curl pattern), natural hair is incredibly versatile — and beautiful. As with any hair texture, though, it can be easy to fall into a rut and repeat the same familiar style over and over again. When something works for you, it works for you.

fashion/ latest-fashion-trends-for-women-2021

Latest Fashion Trends For Women 2021

After almost ten months of perpetual sweatpants-wearing, my body is sooooo ready for those good 2021 fashion trends to hit. And believe me when I say, the new year brought with it only the *freshest* of vibes. Funky checks, dramatic platforms, and sleek shoulder bags are just some of the looks coming to saturate your wardrobe with even more '90s flavor.

technology/ everything-you-need-to-fix-after-updating-windows-10

Everything you need to fix after updating Windows 10

Windows updates are essential to maintaining the health and security of your PC, but they have an annoying habit of resetting your Windows 10 preferences at every opportunity. Some of these changes are minor irritations, some are more grating, but all are unwelcome.

technology/ google-has-removed-a-bunch-of-malicious-vpns-from-the-play-store

Google has removed a bunch of malicious VPNs from the Play Store

Malicious apps contained a dropper used to spread the AlienBot Banker malware

technology/ how-air-jordans-won-over-the-world-

How Air Jordans Won Over The World

The outstretched image of Michael Jordan in logo form – the famed “jumpman motif – is a modern artefact. Few people fail to recognise his sprawled 6’6 figure, seen wearing the namesake Air Jordan sneakers he created with Nike, reaching for a ball at an upright angle. It’s the silhouette of a man that revolutionised basketball and slam-dunked his way to fame, all the while popularising a certain pair of shoes.

facts/ focus-on-uganda-securing-long-lasting-lustre-and-resilience-to-the-pearl-of-africa

Focus on Uganda: Securing Long Lasting Lustre And Resilience To The Pearl Of Africa

Following his visit to Uganda, Winston Churchill famously stated, “For magnificence, for variety of form and colour, for profusion of brilliant life – bird, insect, reptile, beast – for vast scale – Uganda is truly ‘the Pearl of Africa.’ Today, its unique land linked location at the heart of sub-Saharan Africa and its steady economic growth has further added to its shining potential. According to the UNCTAD’s 2020 World Investment Report, Uganda also happens to be one of the countries in East Africa to have attracted the most Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), reaching an unprecedented record of US$1.3 billion in 2019 (a stunning 20% increase from 2018), the result of developing construction, manufacturing and agriculture projects.

technology/ there-are-a-bunch-of-hidden-menus-on-your-iphone-here-s-how-to-use-them

There are a bunch of hidden menus on your iPhone: Here's how to use them

Apple adds more functions to the iPhone every year, but the more it can do, the more complicated it gets.

technology/ how-to-block-ad-tracking-on-your-iphone

How to block ad tracking on your iPhone

In 2019, an article in The Washington Post by Geoffrey Fowler described the author’s shock when he discovered just how many of his iPhone apps were collecting and uploading information about his usage while he slept.

technology/ tesla-loses-a-third-of-its-value-for-the-third-time-in-a-year

Tesla loses a third of its value for the third time in a year

NEW DELHI: Tesla Inc’s stock extended losses on Monday and is now down by a third from its January record high, making it the third time in about a year that the electric car maker’s shares have corrected that dramatically.

With investors worried about rising interest rates and dumping high-valuation stocks in recent weeks, Tesla’s market capitalisation has fallen by almost $300 billion since its January 26 record high to $550 billion, moving behind Facebook Inc, which it overtook in December after joining the S&P 500.

facts/ 7-things-successful-entrepreneurs-believe

7 Things Successful Entrepreneurs Believe

Your beliefs determine a significant portion of your life. They inform your decisions, they dictate how you react to different circumstances and they even affect how you interact with the people around you.

health/ how-to-get-rid-of-stretchmarks

How to get rid of stretchmarks

Home Remedies for Stretch Marks: 5 Ingredients to Try

technology/ spacex-fires-up-starship-sn11-prototype-to-prep-for-test-flight-this-week

SpaceX fires up Starship SN11 prototype to prep for test flight this week

SpaceX just fired up its latest Starship prototype, keeping the vehicle on track for a high-altitude test flight this week.

technology/ elon-musk-s-spacex-has-won-a-3-billion-nasa-contract-to-put-humans-on-the-moon-but-the-full-mission-will-take-far-more-than-that


Nasa has chosen SpaceX to build the lander that will carry humans onto the Moon for the first time in decades.

technology/ apple-security-alert-warning-issued-for-iphones-macs-and-apple-watch

Apple security alert: Warning issued for iPhones, Macs and Apple Watch

Update your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch now to fix a major Safari bug

fashion/ travis-scott-and-hiroshi-fujiwara-s-fragment-air-jordan-1-revealed

Travis Scott And Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Fragment Air Jordan 1 Revealed

Travis Scott has teased a number of yet-to-release collaborations in the past few months. Among them, one Air Jordan 1 stands out far above the rest, its design featuring not only the artist’s backwards Swoosh but also the ever-iconic Fragment lightning bolt.

facts/ how-to-save-money


How to save money: 11 Super simple money saving tips

religion/ beautiful-blessings-of-ramadhan-that-will-inspire-you-this-holy-month

Beautiful Blessings Of Ramadhan That Will Inspire You This Holy Month

Another year, another blessed month of Ramadan! Known as the ninth month in the Islamic calendar, it's that time of the year when Muslims around the world celebrate this holy month by fasting from sunrise to sunset ⛅

technology/ samsung-galaxy-s21-ultra-5g-gets-improvements-to-camera-with-the-new-update

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G gets improvements to camera with the new update

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G gets improvements to camera with the new update

technology/ roke-telkom-offers-free-internet-through-the-express-wi-fi-internet-service

ROKE Telkom offers free internet through the Express Wi-Fi internet service

ROKE Telkom, a Ugandan home-grown public service provider for voice and data communications services yesterday announced an additional cost-free time for its signature Express Wi-Fi internet service.

writing skills/ how-to-write-a-report-format

How to write a report format

Reports generally involve presenting your investigation and analysis of information or an issue, recommending actions and making proposals.

religion/ 7-surprising-health-benefits-of-ramadan

7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Ramadan

Worried that fasting during Ramadan will have a detrimental impact on health? Find out why the month long fast can have some surprising health benefits.

facts/ provide-solutions-to-problems-in-kampala

Provide solutions to problems in Kampala

The sooner the relevant authorities start to regulate the different business activities and road users, the better for residents as well as visitors

marketing/ pearl-of-africa-tourism-expo-a-shot-in-the-arm-for-uganda-s-economy

Pearl of Africa Tourism Expo a shot in the arm for Uganda’s economy

he first quarter of 2021 has seen pieces of good news for the economy. Not just Uganda, but as the entire world is just emerging from the chokehold of Covid-19 every bit of good news makes a lot of difference and is reason to wake up energised to get to work, to rebuild our Uganda.

cooking/ how-to-make-pancakes

How to make pancakes

This is the best recipe for making pancakes

fashion/ out-with-the-old-7-men-s-fashion-trends-to-leave-behind-in-2021

Out With The Old: 7 Men’s Fashion Trends To Leave Behind In 2021

As we collectively take our first cautious steps into 2021, very little is certain. If the past 12 months have taught us anything, it’s that we can never be sure of what’s lurking around the corner, and there’s nothing any of us can do about that.

technology/ apply-now-150-000-google-news-innovation-funding-for-african-journalists

Apply Now: $150,000 Google News Innovation Funding for African Journalists

The challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic paired with misinformation has created a turbulent period for the news ecosystem. Misinformation can divide society, incite violence, and undermine democracy. he news ecosystem needs the tools to understand, expose, and counter these threats. Also, new opportunities for news providers who play an important role in tackling disinformation and building trust with readers.

technology/ netflix-considers-crackdown-on-password-sharing

Netflix considers crackdown on password sharing

Netflix is trialling a crackdown on password sharing.

fashion/ 10-latest-fashion-trends-for-women

10 latest fashion trends for Women

This year might be almost over (how?!), and while a majority of us might not have dressed up a ton—for obvious reasons—there's still time yet! These 2020 fashion trends are still very much happening, and with the last four months of the year, why not liven up your wardrobe a bit? You can even wear these styles into 2021 and beyond since fashion seems pretty much seasonless now anyway? From fuzzy fur coats and cozy cardigans to pastels and fun checked prints, there's something on this list for everyone.

technology/ why-are-elon-musk-and-jeff-bezos-the-world-s-richest-men-so-interested-in-space-

Why are Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos, the world's richest men, so interested in space?

Why do the world’s two richest men want to get off the planet so badly?

technology/ billionaire-mackenzie-scott-marries-seattle-science-teacher

Billionaire MacKenzie Scott Marries Seattle Science Teacher

Scott, the ex-wife of Jeff Bezos and one of the world’s richest women, has married a Seattle science teacher, who promptly declared he plans to help give away most of their wealth to charity.

fashion/ menswear-trends-to-know-in-2021

Menswear Trends To Know In 2021

The key to retaining your sartorial self-respect lies in the ability to successfully differentiate between the fleeting fads and the future classics. And in order to give you a nudge in the right direction, we’ve created a carefully selected edit of the menswear movements worth incorporating into your wardrobe this year.

marketing/ markets-week-ahead-dow-jones-gold-eur-usd-ecb-usd-cad-boc-treasury-yields

Markets Week Ahead: Dow Jones, Gold, EUR/USD, ECB, USD/CAD, BoC, Treasury Yields

Most global equities ended this past week on an upbeat. On Wall Street, the Dow Jones, S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite all rallied over 1%. Equities in Europe outperformed, the DAX 30 and FTSE 100 climbed 1.48% and 1.5% respectively. The Asia-Pacific region was a mixed bag, with the Nikkei 225 down 0.28% as the ASX 200 rallied 0.98%.

technology/ m1-macbook-air-review-after-3-months-use-here-s-what-i-wish-i-d-known

M1 MacBook Air review: After 3 months use, here's what I wish I'd known

I've been using my new M1 MacBook Air for almost three months. The price/performance of Apple Silicon is excellent, but it's not all unicorns and rainbows. Before you buy, here's what I would have wanted to know.

technology/ whatsapp-loses-millions-of-users-after-terms-update

WhatsApp loses millions of users after terms update

Poorly-executed change to terms of service sends messaging app’s subscribers flocking to competitors

technology/ jeff-bezos-to-resign-as-chief-executive-of-amazon

Jeff Bezos to resign as chief executive of Amazon

Bezos, who founded the company in 1994, will step down after company recorded $100bn in sales for last three months of 2020

technology/ the-internet

The Internet

What is the Internet?

technology/ google-backs-new-security-standard-for-smartphone-vpn-apps

Google backs new security standard for smartphone VPN apps

The Google One VPN app gets a tick of approval from the Internet of Secure Things Alliance.

technology/ how-to-change-or-reset-your-gmail-password

How to change or reset your gmail password

Change or reset your password

technology/ elon-musk-jeff-bezos-dined-together-17-years-ago-throwback-pics-inside

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos Dined Together 17 Years Ago. Throwback Pics Inside

Tesla chief Elon Musk and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos have been feuding publicly for years, but not many know that the two once met for a friendly dinner in 2004. A photograph from the meeting is currently going viral on social media - and it even captured Elon Musk's attention, who reacted to it on Twitter.

technology/ how-to-delete-a-gmail-account


Delete your Gmail service

relationships/ how-to-ask-a-girl-out


Not sure to ask our your crush? Here are some simple ways to ask a girl out.

technology/ 5-lessons-business-leaders-can-learn-from-jeff-bezos-handoff-to-incoming-amazon-ceo-andy-jassy

5 lessons business leaders can learn from Jeff Bezos' handoff to incoming Amazon CEO Andy Jassy

Earlier this month, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced that Andy Jassy would succeed him as CEO. I think the succession process was well received and it presents five lessons for business leaders.

technology/ how-to-clear-cache

How to clear cache

Clearing Cache on a computer

technology/ -150-billion-wiped-off-cryptocurrency-market-in-24-hours-as-bitcoin-pulls-back

$150 billion wiped off cryptocurrency market in 24 hours as bitcoin pulls back

Bitcoin and other digital coins tanked on Monday, wiping off some $150 billion from the entire cryptocurrency market.

technology/ tech-billionaires-are-staying-very-very-quiet-on-proposals-to-tax-their-wealth

Tech billionaires are staying “very, very quiet on proposals to tax their wealth

It is relatively easy for a billionaire to say they support higher taxes. More is on the line if they are asked to do something about it.

technology/ in-space-no-one-will-hear-bezos-and-musk-s-workers-call-for-basic-rights

In space, no one will hear Bezos and Musk’s workers’ call for basic rights

Elon Musk’s SpaceX just won a $2.9bn Nasa contract to land astronauts on the moon, beating out Jeff Bezos.

technology/ how-to-backup-iphone

How to backup iphone

How to back up your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

technology/ apple-shows-iphone-camera-prowess-shares-eight-close-up-holi-themed-photographs

Apple shows iPhone camera prowess, shares eight close-up Holi-themed photographs

The company commissioned photographer Dhruvin S, who shot all eight images with an iPhone — presumably the company's latest iPhone 12 series devices. Here's what they look like.

marketing/ how-to-add-adsense-to-your-website

How to Add Adsense to Your Website


technology/ what-is-my-ip-address-

What is My IP Address?

An IP Address Identifies a device or computer on a network.

shopping/ most-frequently-asked-questions-about-online-shopping-answered

Most Frequently Asked Questions about Online shopping Answered

Through online shopping, you are able to get a variety of products ranging from fashion, gadgets, food, automobiles among others. Here are FAQs